Friday, May 15, 2009

Mahallah Principals and Fellows are selected from academicians and administrative staff of the University. Principals are directly accountable to the Dean of the Centre for Foundation Studies on matters of administration and supervision of the mahallah as well as to cooperate and coordinate with the Residential Management and Discipline Department pertaining to matters related to mahallah activities.

Fellows are primarily responsible in ensuring the smooth running of the hisbah system as well as in inculcating the spirit of “al’amr bil maaruf wa ital nahyu anil munkar” among the students. They are also responsible in assisting the Principal of the Mahallah in looking after the activities, security, welfare, conduct and discipline of residents in the Mahallah, as well as handling other duties whenever needed

The Hisbah System

The residents of the Mahallah are grouped into Hisbah units. Each hisbah consists of 100 to 120 students. Each hisbah unit is headed by a hisbah president selected from among the residents.

He/She should be known for his/her piety, discipline, stability of character, maturity and possesses the qualities of Islamic brotherhood and leadership. A fellow who is appointed by the University
should show a keen interest in this job which mainly involves supervising each hisbah.

Hisbah in Mahallah Umar Al Khattab :

1. Hisbah Imam Abu Dawud
2. HIsbah Imam An-Nasa'i
3. Hisbah Imam Muslim
4. Hisbah Imam Bukhari
5. Hisbah Imam Ibnu Majah

MRC Members for Session 2009/2010

MRC Members for Session 2008/2009

The Mahallah Reprentative Committee (MRC) is the highest student organization at the Mahallah level. It's purpose is to plan and organize Mahallah activities.

The committee members of the MRC are selected from among the residents of the respective Mahallah.

The University, through the Mahallah Standing Order 2004, governs the residents living in the Mahallah. The University empowers the Executive Personnel and Officer to enforce the above Orders under Rule 84 of the Students’ Discipline Rules SDR2004. This order acts as a guide for residents in their daily activities at the Mahallah.

It covers enforcement of authority, general order of peace and cleanliness, ibadah, attire and personal appearance, general prohibitions, social activities, residential procedures, fees, deposits and fines, occupation of room, use of electrical fittings, food and beverages, pantry, bathrooms and toilets and other general matters.

Students Facilities


The room can accommodate 4 students per room except for room at Ground Floor can accommodate 5 student (Room G01, G02, G07 and G08). Each room is provided with the following facilities; single bed, study table, metal locker, shoe rack, ceiling fan and curtains . Each level offers several facilities which are; showers and toilet, pantry area, drying area, cloth lines area and trash bins.


Provided at every lobby at Level 1 until Level 4.

Each area is furnished with halley chairs.


Musolla is available at Ground Floor . It is furnished with the Holy Quran,

notice board, cupboard, a wall clock, ceiling fan and a prayer schedule


Located at Ground Floor Block A.

Operating hours : 7.00 am until 12.00 midnight


Located at Ground Floor (beside Musolla)


Located at Ground Floor (beside mahallah office)

Operating Hours : 5.15 pm until 7.15 pm and 8.15 pm until 10.15 pm


Bank Islam ATM Machine located at Ground Floor (beside canteen)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Building

Total Capacity : 644 student
No. of Level : 5 (including Ground Floor)
No. of Block : 4 (A,B,C and D)

Umar Al Khattab Building officially opened by
Yg Bhg. Dato' Mohd Noordin Hassan